Educating the Masses on When and Where To Vape


Vaping is the latest rage in the smoking industry. Many choose the e-cigarettes because they think that they can smoke wherever they are. Some treat their vaping device like a free pass to feed their habit anytime and anyplace.

Well, vaping is still much safer than smoking, but the concept is still in its infancy. The user base is increasing, and the amount of people who are obvious to the existence of this cigarette is decreasing. However, there is still a vast majority of people that are not familiar with e-cigs. If you don’t know about vaping and you see a person smoking, they automatically think that you are smoking a harmful cigarette. Well, they’re not truly aware of what they are seeing, the fine line between general information and ignorance is hard to distinguish. People look at vaping in the same light as they do someone smoking a cigarette.

Unfortunately, we can’t simply tell what someone is smoking without close observation. Some of these e-cigarette companies market their devices because they state their legal to smoke anywhere and everywhere. This is actually a false statement. Many states do require electronic cigarettes to follow the same rules as their tobacco counterparts. They are banned in public establishments. There are some states where vaping indoors is not banned, however, many cannot stand to see someone vaping in public in their business. These people are often asked to leave.

There eventually will come a time when vaping is not looked upon as bad as a cigarette. However, that time is not today. People still just don’t know enough about it. There is not enough known about the long-term side effects, and if there are any bad effects from secondhand vaping vapours. It’s pretty safe to say that second-hand smoke is harmless in, but again the ignorance card plays a big factor here.

Fellow Vapers should be courteous to them those around them who don’t smoke. An electronic cigarette should be treated just like a traditional cigarette. You should always be mindful of the surrounding that you’re in. Never use an e-cig in a movie theater, on an airplane, or any place that you are near someone who might feel you’re doing something harmful or illegal. Always take into consideration the laws where you live. Educate yourself and those around you as best as you can. It is obvious that we can not rely on media outlets to provide accurate information to those who are still new to the vaping industry, so we must teach the masses.

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